SELF PORTRAIT THURSDAY! 4.23.15Happy Thursday!

I’m back from Texas and back in the salon.

My trip was really good. I mean, for the most part it was. I had fun with the people I saw, and it was really nice to see Chilly interact with her Houston dog cousins. Ben and I rented this really nice little house in the museum district that we really, really loved. Usually I don’t dig Southwestern-themed motifs, but I really liked this one. (I never knew that I’d like a cow skin chair and ottoman.)

I fell in love with Houston’s museum district all over again. It’s one thing to drive through it, but getting to walk through it all again was something else. The houses are smaller and more interesting to look at than in most other parts of the city. And when a place has interesting buildings, it tends to be a more interesting place to live.

And the area around the Menil… I went to school right next door, lived in the area, too, and perhaps took the area for granted. But the Menil Collection, the Cy Twombly gallery, the Dan Flavin installation—Flavin completed the design days before he died—and the fact that all the surrounding houses are owned by the Menil. And even painted the same shade of grey… It all just really, really impressed me. I was in love.

I decided that if I ever moved back to Houston, I’d move back to that area.

Anyway, the trip was good. But I don’t think I’m in such good standing with my family anymore. Not all of them, but most of them—which is fine to an extent. I’m not a very sentimental person. And certain kinds of negative behavior I can’t be bothered to engage in. Not worth it. I don’t care who the person is.

But it starts to make me wonder what family really is. Is it people you’re biologically related to OR is it a group of people who serve as your support net? It could be both, of course. But what about when the people you’re biologically related to aren’t part of your support net? What obligations do you hold to them?

I think that depends on the person.

But I’ve got better things to do.



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