Happy Day before Thursday!

I will be traveling tomorrow and know that there won’t be any time for a self portrait. And I’ve done late portrait entries before. Why not one that’s a day early?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Marilyn Manson lately. I don’t know what this means. I’ve been listening to his music since I was about in eighth grade or so, but my fascination started earlier. I’ve been contemplating buying an old Manson shirt to wear (ironically?). But then that makes me feel weird because that is what I used to wear in high school. At one point I was wearing the clothes and listening to the music because it was an act of rebellion. But now what is it? Well, for one thing it’s really catchy music. I like how Manson is singing all this really dark stuff. And the lyrics really stick. They’re smart. I really like him.

In person I’d give you a very un-PC description of my feelings, but I won’t do that on this blog. I’m not an idiot. I understandĀ the times we live in.

Anyway, it’s good workout music.

I’ve been trying to workout more. It’s getting warmer. I’m feeling that urge to be more active. It’s a frisky feeling, really. I started doing high-load circuit training, which sounds like some bukake party, but it’s not. It’s like regular circuit training, but there’s no cardio in a high-load, just weight lifting. I’m not really interested in cardio, though. I live in NYC and walk everywhere. I’m a super fast walker—to the point where I get self-conscious.

It’s really tough to walk fast when school’s let out in the West Village. Oh man, it’s super obnoxious. It can make me feel like I’m back in Park Slope walking dogs around all the nannies and the bratty kids who need nannies.

Today I overheard this nanny in the West Village ask “her” child: “We’re gonna get some ice cream. Do you want vanilla or vanilla bean?”

And the kid replies: “Vanilla bean!”

What the hell is the difference between vanilla and vanilla bean? How does a six year old know this?

Whatever. I’ll let you know how Houston is!



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