Hello again from a bit of an absence. It’s just been hard to get it together on Thursday mornings. And also, I haven’t had a lot of interesting things to say. At least I don’t think so.

I think a big part of my problem this month has been—and this is going to be some stoner talk right here—the large amount of indica I bought last month. Indica doesn’t make me very energetic or interested in doing much besides going very slow and going to sleep. I’m a sativa kinda guy. I like to get high a lot, but I want to be able to still get my work done, you know? I want to go to that special place but remain active and present. I don’t want to zone out. And I have a hunch that’s been my problem this month. It’s kind of a stupid problem.

Next week we are going to Houston. We being me and Ben and Chilly. I’m filled with equal parts dread and excitement. I’m excited about seeing some family and Houston, but I’m also reluctant. I hate feeling like a kid, and I feel like that can happen when I’m being driven around town. (I don’t drive; I have to be driven around like a kid.) But whatever, when you’re in the presence of your family it’s kind of inevitable for old dynamics to slip into play.

I mainly have a hard time revisiting earlier points in time. I’m usually concerned with what’s next.

Ben and Chilly and I rented a place in the museum district for a weekend while we’re there. That should be fine. I kinda know the area still. And we will be closer to things within walking distance. (Plus I’ll be closer to my good friends that still live there. Plus Andrea will be in town, and I haven’t hung out with her in Houston since I was in college!)

Until then I’ll just be working a lot. Hopefully I can update the self portrait entries while I’m in Houston, but we’ll see… I can’t make any promises.



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