SELF PORTRAIT THURSDAY! 3.12.15People tell me I never smile in photos, but whenever I try I look so weird in the photo. Maybe it’s because I know the smile in the photo is fake—and surely everyone else must notice. This is my face when I’m not talking to anyone and looking at a camera waiting for the timer to go off.

Yesterday I watched “Hail the New Puritan” by Charles Atlas and was really blown away. It was the best thing I’d watched in awhile. My feelings about film go back and forth; they’re very inconsistent. Like most movies are kinda bullshit, but I like to go see scary movies in the theater. And film I respect, but have a great un-interest in it. I’m not making any sense. But basically I prefer non-fiction to fiction. Because of that, I really enjoy documentaries. Real life and real stories give me much more inspiration than fictionalized ones. Atlas’ film is a faux-documentary. Kinda trippy. Very visually appealing. And the lead, Michael Clark, is a punk rock dream come true. (It was also nice hearing Glenn Branca again after all these years. I really enjoy his music.)

Not much else is going on. Just listening to Utter Ghouls tracks as they come to me from Portland. I’ve been watching a lot of things about prison and death. True quote from Ben: “I was scrolling through the recently watched titles on Netflix, and it’s all about dying and prison.” What can I say? I think going to prison is a form of dying. And I think about dying a lot. Not that I want to die. I just think about it a lot. I think about sex a lot, too. Death and sex.

Have a great weekend!


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