Hi! Happy Thursday. Happy snowstorm.

I’m actually a little embarrassed to look back and see when the last self portrait post I did. I don’t know what my problem is this fall/winter. I haven’t worked out in about a couple weeks either. The relentless snow and cold has left me with very much energy beyond surviving. And eating lots of ice cream. (I’m not complaining about the cold weather. It’s winter. I get it.) BUT I’ve kept busy…

I spent a week in Portland. It was a magical week spent writing and recording music with my friends there. And I guess I’m in a band now. We are calling ourselves Utter Ghouls. Our mixtape will be out within the month. We will probably just upload it to Soundcloud and see what happens from there. I really want to share it with the world right now, but I have to wait. I actually haven’t even heard all of it yet. We did all the recording back in Portland and then I had to leave back to the East Coast. They’re back going through all the material and we will whittle it down to something great.

I haven’t been painting a lot because music has been on my mind. I have ideas… I guess my blogging has taken a backseat because my mind has been elsewhere, too. Maybe you just gotta step back from certain things sometimes.

Last night I trekked to the New York Public Library to see Jo moderate a panel discussion about Charles Atlas’ work. A really beautiful book highlighting his career just came out. I wasn’t planning on buying it because I don’t have much money right now. (Payday is tomorrow.) But I walked by the book table on my way out and couldn’t help myself. Had to get it—though I don’t really think you can go wrong splurging on an art book. It’s an investment.

Ben’s out of town right now, so it’s just me and Chilly hanging out at the apartment at night. It doesn’t really feel like he’s gone, however. I’ve been working so much since I got back from Portland to make up for the week’s pay I missed that I just work, come home and eat, then sleep. I also manage to squeeze in cuddle time with the dog.

Also, sorry I’m always wearing this zebra sweater. I have about five sweaters. Three are wool. So, I rotate the same outerwear.

The hardest thing about winter is the uniform.



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