SELF PORTRAIT THURSDAY! 1.29.15Hey, it’s Thursday the 29th of January. The last day before my Metrocard month pass expired. Always a bit of a sad day.

I bought my ticket for Portland this past week. Leaving in a few weeks and really excited. I’m going to visit Andrea and Aaron and hang and play music. I’ve been playing my guitar this week to get back into the swing of it. You really do start to suck if you don’t practice… I’m really rusty right now and try only to play when I’m alone. Hopefully the neighbors don’t mind hearing it. It’ll come back to me, though, I think. Is playing guitar like riding a bike? I don’t know.

NYC had a big snowstorm but not as big as they said it was going to be. Everyone freaked. I, too, started to freak after getting stoned. It wasn’t anything crazy, and I really wasn’t bothered by the subways shutting down and all that because I’m already off on Mondays and Tuesdays. I was able to go back to work yesterday without any problems. I just stayed at home most Monday and Tuesday, so it was really weird to be at work yesterday.  Work kinda feels like another home…

No big plans this weekend. Big snowy walk through the park?



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