Chill day today, though I’m having a hard time with focusing. I think that happens at the salon, though. When there is a lot of talk happening and blow dryers blowing, it can be hard to keep my mind in one place. But maybe I’m just ready for tonight: Ben and I are going to see Dawn Richard perform at Webster Hall. Her new album just came out, and it’s really good! She’s got a good sound. Kinda trippy R&B. Just my style.

Other good news was that I was invited to see the dress rehearsal of Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Tuesday evening, starring the original (and only) Hedwig, John Cameron Mitchell. It was really good and moving. I just never expected it to be THAT good. I was so happy.

This weekend I was able to cram in three studio visits (two visitors to my studio, then I went out to the Rockaways to see Ian’s new work). The visits went well. I think having people come visit me back to back might be a little exhausting, though. Like, talking about yourself and your work is a lot, right? But I guess just gotta get used to it… I really like visiting other people’s studios, though, and seeing their work. I’m always interested to see how and where people work, and I love to hear about their process. Even if the work isn’t really my style, I still like to know how people get their work done. The process of making art is the most important thing.

In other news, been thinking a lot about city planning lately, so I started reading The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs. I think after watching that really long documentary about New York City got me thinking about cities in a way I hadn’t really thought about them, like why do some aspects of city life work and some don’t? or why are some places vibrant with people and life and some places aren’t despite seeming like they would be? What makes a good city and what is just bad design?

I’ve always lived in large cities. Well, I’ve only ever lived in two places my whole life: Houston and NYC, both two of the largest cities in the country. Yet I hate Houston so much, haha. I kid…but the way the city is designed has always offended me in a way. When I lived there I wasn’t aware of my feelings, but I was stubborn enough to not get a car—or even a driver’s license. It felt much better for me to walk or bike or ride the bus in Texas despite the bus system absolutely sucking there. I felt much freer. People there hide in their homes and cars where I come from, and I’d much rather interact with a city. I like interacting with strangers.

But enough about me… I hope you have a good weekend.



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